Sunday, August 30, 2009

Momma Meli

I've gotten to know Momma pretty well these past 9 1/2 months. All I can say is that I really lucked out.

William & Melissa
William & Mom rest

She's always there to comfort me.

Meli & Will
Taking it all in

Together, we go places.

Fun run

She looks out for me.

Watchful eye

Good night, Momma. I love you.

Nap time

18 days, 18 hours, 34 minutes old


Anonymous said...

dear little William, you are so right about your mama.!!! she's the bestest!!! one of these days, you will be out RUNNING down the street beside your mama , seeing who can go the fastest!!!!! Always love your mama AND your DADDY,,,,,, They love you very much !!!! You are such a special little baby, and we are sooo blessed to have you join our family tree!! We have 2 beautiful little grandsons now, and are looking forward to watching you both grow into fine young men one day!!! we miss you, and look forward to our next visit!! all our love to all of you, grama nan and grampa rick

Melissa said...

Love you, Will