Monday, August 17, 2009

Working for the weekend

My first weekend was hectic.

Sleepy Will
Will sleeps
Will relaxes

I did a lot of sleeping, though not for very long periods of time. Since I went home from the hospital on a Friday, the nurses and Mommy were a little concerned about my eating habits, so we had to make sure I was getting enough to eat. This means Mommy didn't get much sleep.

Fortunately, Grandma Nancy was here to help out with things, including taking care of me and cleaning up after me, so Mommy didn't get too overwhelmed. Daddy went to the store on his bike to fetch groceries both days. If he keeps that up he might just have to get a new bike that can carry more stuff :)

We also had some more visitors, with grandparents, friends, and neighbors stopping by.

Will loves his grandma Barb
Jodi with baby William
William with friends Jeff, Andrew, Jodi

It took a while, but I think I finally got settled in here at home. We have a good routine of eating, sleeping, and pooping. We went back to the doctor's office on Monday afternoon. Not only did I stop losing weight, but I gained three whole ounces.

Mommy has been just great through all of this.

Taking it all in

5 days, 18 hours, 41 minutes old

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