Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vacation, all I ever wanted

I took my third (and final free) plane trip last month to Seattle and nearby national parks.

We hiked.

Opting against the 7-8 mile trails

And hiked.

More hiking

And hiked.

Having a good time

We saw snow.

Snow at 6000'

We saw mountains.

Will is excited for some more hiking

We saw the ocean.

Will at the Pacific Ocean

We saw lakes.

Lake Crescent

We saw waterfalls.

Marymere Falls

And we saw more waterfalls.

You guys are totally looking the wrong way

We saw trees.

Does anyone else see this?

And we saw bigger trees.

Tree huggers 2011

We saw tall buildings.

Will at the Space Needle

We saw fish.

Grandma shows Will the fish

It was the bestest vacation ever, or at least the best vacation since the last one.

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