Saturday, December 18, 2010

A teensy bit early

I'm not sure I completely understand this Christmas thing. I received a great big box in the mail last week, but Mom & Dad didn't open it. That didn't stop me from playing with it though.

Then today I overheard Daddy ask Grandma Barb when to open the box, and she said she didn't care. So this afternoon when I was pushing the box around again, I guess Dad & Mom felt sorry for me because they opened the box. Inside was the greatest thing ever. I no longer have to push the box around because now I can push what was inside the box around. This expression sums it up pretty well.

A little excited

I pushed the cart back and forth across the living room for 30 minutes non-stop. Then after dinner I played some more.

Push push push

Thanks, Grandma & Grandpa!

Happy boy


Unknown said...

OMG, these VIDEOs just made our day!
Thanks Will, we're so happy that you like your gift...
Grandma Barb and Grandpa Brice

Unknown said...

uh, that's Grandpa Bruce

Anonymous said...

PRICELESS!!!!! those darling dimples and that precious giggle tells it all! That is the cutest 'wagon' i've ever ever seen!! Keep having fun, Will.
lots of love, great auntie