Saturday, December 12, 2009

Non-stop excitement

These past few days have been non-stop excitement. I've hardly been able to sleep at night (or during the day) because of it.

Yesterday, Dr. Mom successfully defended her dissertation (whatever that is).

Adviser S.L. with Melissa and Will

I was stoked.

So proud of Momma

This morning I went to the mall to meet Santa (whoever that is).

Wait, this isn't Mommy

Then a few hours later Daddy and I cut down our Christmas tree (whatever that is).

The video doesn't show it, but it was mostly me cutting down the tree. Daddy only helped a little bit.

122 days, 21 hours, 1 minutes old


Anonymous said...

You have the most FUN life, Will. Keep 'writing' and sending those awesome photos that somebody is taking. We LOVE hearing from you and seeing you!!!
warm hugs, gr-aunte

Anonymous said...

I am soooo happy YOU have been BUSY doing soooo many important things !!!!!!! I know mama was very happy to have you with her on her very big day!!! It is great that you 'had a chat ' with SANTA!!!!!!! AND that was a HUGE job CUTTING down your christmas tree, so it was NICE that DADDY helped 'a little'!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you write and tell us what is happening in your little world!!!! we love you and miss you!!!! hugs , grama nan and grampa rick