Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fake outs and Jedis

With more visitors today, I was able to continue my fake out streak. That is, my streak of perfect, cute behavior when people come over to visit, followed closely by fussy behavior when they leave. That way the visitors don't believe Mom & Dad when they say I can be fussy sometimes.

Cara & John stopped by in the morning. I got to feel Baby G. (i.e. my future girlfriend) kick.

Cara & Will

In the afternoon, Grandma & Grandpa Raguet, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Mark, and Cousin Logan came to visit. This was the first time I got to meet Mark & Logan!

Cousin Logan and Aunt Michelle with Will

Logan was on his best behavior while I slept.

Cousin Logan is quiet for baby Will

Sure, I got a little fussy when they left, but Dad & I (and later Mom) went for a walk. Mom dressed Dad up in a baby wrap that looked like a Jedi outfit so he could carry me. He didn't have room for a light saber, though.

Rob in Jedi/baby-wrap

24 days, 18 hours, 32 minutes old

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Anonymous said...

Dear William, we hope all your guests, didn't make you too tired or FUSS you too much!!!!! Logan looked at your picture and said, "SHHHHHH, baby Will nigh, nigh"!!!!! it was great fun seeing you, tell momma to 'be sure to REST ' when you do, and not to worry so much!!!! Keep the 'updated' photos coming, we LOVE seeing them!!! luv and hugs, grama nan